Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sol Lewitt's article on conceptual art

Sol Lewitt describes the process of creating conceptual art as something that is thoroughly planned in concept, but in application it is best to have the fewest decisions possible. So even though a lot of thought was put in the process that actual outcome is completely out of the artists hands.
The artist's ability to pre-think the art is where the mastery comes in. What elements to use, placement, and overall the ability to take the decision making out of the art making.

when i googled the art of Sol Lewitt I see that he is really into cubes. He has some interesting color elements as lines and of a star, but I wonder how random the process of making those was.
I like this one:

because it's really simply and just kind of about structure and how parts can be missing but still work. with conceptual art I'm often left feeling that I could do the same thing if I got the materials and worked for a few weeks straight. The thing is that I'm not compelled to do it because it seems unchallenging and not that fun to make.

I looked up other conceptual artists and found this:

it has elements I'm familiar with and puts them into a form that is non existent.

Michael Ree's stuff is kinda creepy, but I love the mash-up of human and alien type pieces.

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