Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Eiffel Tower

I feel that the Eiffel Tower is to France as the Golden Gate Bridge is to San francisco in the sense that it is a world wide symbol for the location it resides. From my personal experience though residents of SF love the bridge and are proud of it. Yet the tower is a symbol beyond that of the bridge. It can represent a multitude of themes and ideas. Roland writes that many of the french people saw it without usefulness, which is a large difference between The Eiffel and Golden Gate Bridge. It is just a useless object or structure. Similar to that of all art in that things are really all just useless objects and like art it's seems to serve no practical purpose. The whole article really delved into the many meanings of the tower. Personally I really like the Eiffel but I can see how some natives of Paris could dislike it.

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