Wednesday, March 24, 2010

random art

My process:

1. get a large piece of paper, a ruler, 6 colors of paint and the tools to apply them (brushes, water, etc.), and a 6 sided dice.

2. assign the colors numbers 1 through 6.

3. roll the dice, the number you get divide by 2. Use the number you now have to draw a line that many inches over and parallel to the edge. keep repeating process to turn the paper into a grid.

4. start at the top left square and roll the dice. The number you get will correspond to a color number, paint the color you get in the square. keep repeating going one square at a time, left to right, going down one row at a time.

I will bring in the paintings we made for class on 3/25/10. Also will post better pictures...
here are some pics of Mary and I working on the projects together.

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